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If you know us well, you know there is little we love better than an adventure with a side of good coffee and or wine! It’s our jam.
That said we introduced our mini man Zeke to cafes within the first week of his life 
Analog Café and we have been going to them multiple times a week ever since.
We wanted him to also enjoy these environments & know how to act in them from a young age.

I thought its about time I shared some of our adventures & discoveries with you.
So, welcome to #OurWeeklyJam (cause its just not legit unless it’s a hashtag right? Ha!)

#OurWeeklyJam is our way of getting out of the house and tasting the simple things in life … an espresso with a side of toast & jam … Simple, quick and shareable with a toddler (ok, I only share the toast with him…)
Sometimes we even order the raisin toast, and other times we break all the rules and get something delicious that just looks too good to pass up! (Like the most scrumptious black sticky rice dish with passionfruit curd from Cup and Cook in Kyle Bay! Pictured above.)

How do I decide where to go?
Recommendations, places I have driven by, reviews I have read and of course there is always your trusty local … (we have several…)

What do I look for?

Being a barista’s wife means you learn to appreciate the simplistic complexities of coffee. My very first coffee was some of my parent’s coffee from McDonalds on a road trip! From then I went to very vanilla lattes, to lattes, onto flat whites, piccolo’s, to trad caps (traditional cappuccinos) & now my taste buds have matured and live only on the flavours of espressos and filter coffee!
So to get my vote, the coffee has to be quality.

It speaks for itself! I am always on the look out for places that have something just a little different, a signature dish or recipe unique to them.

When you are on toddler time, it generally needs to be quick & easy with the option to grab & go if their patience is wearing thin that day … ok, or mine!

“Kid friendly” has layers … Do they have high chairs? Space for strollers? Kids menu? Play area? These aren’t all necessities to me, what is though is this; Do the staff welcome those with or without children in the same friendly manner?

Atmosphere is everything to me! What does the space feel like as you enter? A place may tick many of the other boxes but if you are pretentious & not welcoming, there is very little chance I will return. I love design & décor. I am intrigued by people’s style and chosen designs. Is it clean & simple or is it a chaotic mess that just seems to work? 

With so many incredible places popping up constantly, this will be an ongoing activity! We already have a list of places we have visited, so I will be post how they rated with us over the coming weeks. Join us on the journey, share a recommendation or come meet us out one day?! 

Whats your jam?! 

S. xx

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