Friday, August 25, 2017



There is something gloriously exciting about life's simplest pleasures. Less.
Its uncomplicated & refreshing. Reviving.

This past year has been about simplifying, (even more if you can believe it!) decluttering & letting go. All of these have been reflective in our physical world & poccessions as well as within our soul & relationships.

Samuel and I have lived by the "less is best" motto for some time now. 
And watching "Minimalism" on Netflix last year, confirmed it! 
(If you haven't watched it, do yourself a favour, stop reading & watch it now!) 
This year, our life has been about defining, finding & holding onto our "favourites" and then learning how to let go of the rest. The things, the people, the jobs, the dreams ... it applies to everything!
We used to apologise for our "lack" now we embrace it & find our thrive within it! 

I felt strongly about doing the minimalist challenge for August. You get rid of 1 item on day one, 2 on day two, 3 on day three and so on ... 
Yes, that equals out to 496 items in one month! It's amazing how much you have sitting around waiting to be thrown out, given away, recycled or reused when you are actively looking for them! 

I have found great joy in selling my excess clothes for a minuscule amount on my local area "Buy Sell Swap" Facebook page. If you aren't on one, find one! I have met beautiful women who are excited to make something old (to me) new again to them! I love it! It actually makes me giddy to watch their happiness about something I had long forgotten about. 
I now live by this little quote I came up with recently ... "Better to be worn & ruined than sitting pretty in my closet."

And we haven't stopped at clothing. Our kitchen only hold items we actually use frequently. Each time Zeke is given a new toy we find another one to pass on. He really only needs what we expose him to. If it's a lot, he will expect & want a lot but if it's a little, its the few favourites he will treasure & love. 

By making room for less we are making room for more. Less work, more time. Less stuff, more space. Less stress, more joy. Less obligations, more freedom. Less people, more relationships. Less, more. 

Quality over quantity... 
Reduce, reuse, recycle... 

What we need is not a bigger to do list, or more material processions, what we need is connection. Real life, real friends, real moments. Clutter free. 

I challenge you, start looking at your world see how you can create space both physically, spiritually & mentally. Most of us live with wayyyyy more than we realise & far more than we actually need.
You'll be amazed at how satisfying having less feels. Every item has its place, its purpose, its in no need to compete or compare ... kinda just like us, if only we stop long enough to simply see. 

How do you do less?

S. xx