Friday, March 17, 2017



Its raining outside and the feel of Fall/Autumn is in the air … I just stepped outside to check the mail and that childlike excitement of receiving a parcel hit me as I glanced down at the package at my feet. Yay! My new book had already arrived!

I have always loved to read. A favourite childhood memory for me was receiving a book in my Christmas stocking and settling down to get stuck into it after all the festivities of presenting and feasting were complete.
Sadly somewhere along the way, life got "too busy" and I stopped reading, except for an occasional glance at a magazine, which I would then promptly scold myself because stopping, resting and reading was something that I had begun to view as “lazy …” 
The desire to cozy up with a glass of wine & a good book were never far from my mind, but at the time, that to me was a luxury for those whose “to-do” lists weren’t as long or as important as mine …

Fast forward a gazillon years (or so it feels) to December last year, where one day, on my journey of chasing slow, hustling-less & embracing still, I randomly set myself the goal of reading a new book each month. I did it! I started and finished a book!
I received two books for Christmas and so 2017 was off to a great start.
I started “Present Over Perfect” in January but it was so good, I took 2 months to read it. I re-read nearly every page, and underlined almost, everything! (Yep, I am that person, I read a book with a pen, can’t help it, always needing to be ready to document the gold!)

I am enjoying this rainy weather, (I no longer complain about the weather, I only embrace what it brings!) I am (slowly) accepting the days on end that I cannot get far due to the lack of a car and I am loving the quiet moments of my days where I can cozy up for a chapter or two of blissful guilt-free reading accompanied by a pot of coffee or a glass of wine.
Maybe I’ll reach my goal of one book a month, maybe I won’t, but that’s ok, I am simply happy that I am reading again.

What are your current reads? Any good novels I should read? I realise thats whats lacking from my list! Here is what’s currently on my list. Some I have already read, some I am re-reading, while others I am anticipating diving into for the first time!

S. xx

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