Wednesday, October 19, 2016


The 1st of October marked our 12 year wedding anniversary & so we celebrated!
We really are non-traditionalists when it comes to, well, pretty much anything! We don't have a favourite place we go back to year after year for our anniversary as our curiosity of something new always seems to win out! What's your preference?! Same same or different? 
This year, having only been back in the country for two months, there are countless new places (or at least new to us) locally & at a distance that we want to try.
So we settled on a quick trip into the city for a progressive meal at three different places, eager to be at the mercy of the servers suggestions & try their signature dishes!

First off was cocktails and appies at Lil'Darlin, located in Darlinghurst. As we settled in on our stools at a high table, it looked like we had crashed three different bachelorette parties! Our wonderful host Fletcher seemed relived to be able to escape to our table as often as he could & you know us, we love to connect!
Cocktails & duck are what this place is know for and they certainly did not disappoint.
With cocktail names as fun sounding as “Fairy Floss Martini and Hundreds & Thousands, it was hard to pick but as soon as my eyes saw “Cucumber Sour” I stopped reading. This gal loves her cucumber and gin! I’ll definitely be back to try a few more …
We could see from the menu that duck was a signature dish, so that’s what we had!
We devoured the duck spring rolls, the arancini balls & a peking duck filled pastry.
If we were staying for a full meal, we would have loved to try the Duck Pancakes and the Crispy Peking Duck Pizza!
We fare-welled & thanked Fletcher and left him to handle the growing number of women in the bar!

Lucky for us our next location was literally across the road & we already had our names on the wait list. So we toodled over and walked straight on in to the Buffalo Dining Club
This is somewhere I had recently been with my besties and I couldn’t wait to take Samuel back there … mostly because of the corn and incredible pasta dish!
We already knew what we wanted here and so with a quick glance at the menu and a chat with our server, the wine was ordered and not long after, so was the food.
Here we enjoyed a Caprino cheese, pecorino crusted eggplant and charred corn with chilli coriander to die for!
This was followed by more wine and a pasta dish that is served to you straight out of the cheese wheel … Cacio e Pepe, salt, pepper, olive oil and parsley in a pecorino cheese wheel is a must!

We had one last place to explore and that was Ms G’s, a short walk down the street … and a LONG wait when we got there! Because we only wanted dessert we decided to try our luck a finding a spot upstairs at the bar. We invited ourselves to join another couple on their table for four and ordered the “Tropical Passion” – Passionfuit custard, tropical fruits, chocolate coconut soil, pandan meringue & coconut sorbet. This finished our night off deliciously as we looked around at the bar scene we were in and laughed as we realized how old we really are …
The “Stoners Delight” also sounded scrumptious but we just didn’t have the room in our belly’s for that! Next time!

We walked back to the train with full belly’s and happy hearts as we reflected on the year that we have had. The highs, the lows, the laughter and above all love.

To celebrate does not have to be expensive, it simply has to be intentional.
Do you take time to celebrate? I sure hope you do!

S. xx

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  1. What a night! Sounds like so much fun :). Ken as I usually go back to the restaurant we had our wedding reception in. With the amount we eat out, it makes the day seem more sentimental. Honestly though, as long as you're together and having a great time, that's all that matters. I think you two could have a hoot no matter where you go!