Thursday, September 1, 2016

Ruined for the Ordinary

This week marks the change of seasons here in Australia, from winter to spring, so are the seasons changing within our life and family.

There are days in life that are marked with divine moments. A dear friend of mine describes these as “time stamps” A term we have adopted and use often.
In the time we have been back in Australia, we have had a couple of these time stamps. Moments worth documenting and remembering … A coffee date with my mum turned into a sneaky look in a beautiful gift store, an off-handed comment of a great cafĂ© caused us to do a quick coffee stop on the way home, where I instantly felt a sense of calm, so much so that I sent Samuel straight there, to which turned into a job for him in a matter of days … a divine time stamp.

So, as Samuel heads back to work this week after almost a year, I thought I would pay tribute to this time with a post on being ruined for the ordinary & choosing to live different.

One of the best decisions Samuel and I have ever made was to both take significant time off when our son Ezekiel was born.  
What started out as two months off for Samuel evolved into ten and a half months!
It may actually be the best decision we have ever made!

During my pregnancy I was self-employed and so it made more sense and financially a better decision for Samuel to take paternity leave.
We had always joked about how much Samuel wanted to be a stay-at-home dad, little did we realise we could actually CHOOSE to make it happen.
During this time we heard a lot of comments of “ Oh, how nice, what a luxury, I wish we could do that.” Believe me, it wasn’t a luxury, it was a choice, with a cost.
Now I realise this is not an option for a lot of people especially those living in countries that barely offer enough maternity leave, let alone paternity leave. 
Fact is, it was a decision and a choice that we made, together, as a couple, for our family. It has been one of the most incredible seasons of our life, but like each decision you make, it came with a cost. 
It cost us financially, we had to make many sacrifices. It caused us to look at our priorities, cut out a lot of excess “stuff” and simplify our lives even more. Oh! But it was worth it! 
Being able to spend all day everyday together watching our son grow and change before our very eyes does not come close to anything that money can buy. Intentionally choosing to slow life down + take one simple day at a time + savour  the moment by moments. 
Watching my husband bond with Ezekiel in those small precious everyday moments is something I will never forget or take for granted.

We have made life #threegether a priority despite the norms of society telling us it shouldn’t look like this. We choose daily to live different!

"Then I believe there comes a moment for each of us when we are to make the decision to either stick by these comforts and conform to to society's way of living, or to live more simply, in the unknown, embracing uncertainty." - Paige Maddison

S. xx

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  1. These photos of the three of you are so wonderful :). Your ability to choose family over all else is inspiring. The risk has paid off, as Zeke is definitely the most agreeable baby I've encountered. Miss you guys! xo