Monday, August 8, 2016

TRANSITION EXPOSED :: PART I :: Our Experience of Transition + Change

TRANSITION EXPOSED :: PART I :: Our Experience of Transition + Change.

I have wanted to journal our experience of transition from our time in Calgary, Canada to moving back to our homeland of Australia … turns out I have a lot of thoughts + little patience for writing them all down … But last week, in our “deep breath in” moment in Hawaii, suspended between what was to what is about to be, I attempted to use the time to stop, be, breathe, think + write. Here goes ...

I am convinced that your truest friends turn up in two key life moments – 
1] When you need practical help moving house and 2] In seasons of transition.
Both of these give very little reward, if any, to the outside party and only a few tend to actually turn up + stick around.
Lets face it, moving house is hard work and the token pizza + beer isn’t the greatest incentive or motivation … So when people have actually turned up to help us move house (and we have moved A LOT!) we know they genuinely care about us enough to lay aside their own agendas + all the greater things they could be doing to simply lend a brother a helping hand with no expectation for anything in return. They give more + expect less.

Transition is the other life moment that reveals those whose relationship is authentic and ready to stick by you in the tough moments.
Transition is a hard place to be when you are going through it, you are neither her nor there, a moment in time when you are in one place or experience, preparing for another. Actually, we spend most of our lives moving through moments of transition, and yet in our experience it can still be some of the most challenging seasons we have walked through.
The people who lean into these moments with you are extremely rare; unique treasures worth holding onto.

This has been our experience in our move from Calgary back to Australia …
We decided in January that our Canadian season was coming to an end. It was a lengthy decision process, one that required a lot of thought, prayer + talks with a trusted few that could look at the situation objectively. (These people are also a rare breed, people that will set aside their own agenda to help you through!)
This season of major transition has been tough to say the least. There were some extremely lonely moments, paralleled with the most unexpected blossoming friendships.
Not everyone will ride the roller coaster with you. Part II :: Learning to Let Go; is on it's way. 

Life is an ebb and flow of transitioning from one moment to another, a different season to the next. Trapezeing transition and seeking out beauty + joy in the midst of heartache + change.

S. xx