Friday, January 22, 2016

Get Fresh!

We are already most of the way through January and I still haven't written my end of year "reflections" post or a new year's "resolutions" post ... And it's not because I have been too busy or because I haven't wanted to, I just haven't felt inspired. So without any further procrastinating, here it is ... my first post of 2016! Get Fresh! 

The beginning of a new year always sparks an opportunity to start again, reassess, a chance to get fresh! 
Each year my husby, Samuel and I go away for the night to spend time dreaming, planning, speaking and writing fresh ideas, goals & adventures for the year ahead. It is also exciting to read over the previous years notes and see what we achieved. 
There is usually one or two words that lead us into the coming year. Last year was "Miracles" and little did we know when we wrote that word down, 2015 would be the year miracles took over our lives. We literally needed miracles in order to survive! We began to experience so many miracles, both big and small that we had to start writing them down. I truly believe there is power in writing things down and speaking them out! 

This year's word is "Freshness" - New horizons, new adventures, new ground ... This is exciting! Something "new" is happening this year and the most scary & exciting part is we still have no idea what it is?!
Being new parents (& truly LOVING it!) there are new discoveries everyday. We are wading through uncharted waters. Who knows what else is yet to come for our little family of 3gether this year?!

Here are some of the things we ask ourselves as we enter a new year or even a new season ... 
~ 5 things we want to see happen this year
~ What can I START? What can I STOP? What can I CONTINUE?
~ Am I OPEN? Am I PRESENT? Am I doing what matters? 
~ What are my Goals Dreams & Desires for this year? 

So whatever this year holds for you, whatever seasons you face, whether you walk, run, fly, wade, jump, crawl or dance, make sure you go THROUGH it. For going through something makes you better, stronger, wiser. Step into it! Avoiding, dodging or fleeing will only cause the lesson or experience to come around again & again, until you learn to lean in, embrace it, even fail, all to make you rise stronger & better. 

Fill your year with wild abandon, adventure, fun & a little bit of crazy! Get Fresh!

(Yes, these pictures are me in short sleeves in below freezing temperatures and yes, those chains were beyond cold!! But the smiles are real ... my little bit of crazy, already!)    

S. xx

iPhone photography :: Samuel Tolhurst @instasam_iam
Location :: Calgary, Canada
Outfit Details :: Top by Anthropologie | Skirt by H&M | Tights by Time For Tights | Shoes by Tristan Blair | Beanie/Toque by Indigo | Coat - Vintage | Purse by Aldo | Earrings by Swarovski | Lips by MAC 

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  1. These photos are so cute; love your smile :). And look at you, getting a blog post up! I still haven't written my imaginary one, but still have two days before our deadline. Haha! Good luck with keeping it fresh this year. I'm thinking I might take a cue and chat with Ken about these questions you've listed on our trip to his folks place this weekend. xo