Monday, October 31, 2016


I am so excited to announce that I have teamed up with some local businesses to bring you my floral workshops! Leading up to Christmas I will be hosting four different workshops at 
West End Espresso in Jannalli.

Each workshop has a maximum capacity of 8 people, so be sure to book in quick! All flowers and most materials are supplied for each workshop. The night also includes cheese, chocolate & wine!

For all enquiries & to book your spot please email ::

Here are all the details for the upcoming workshops ::

Friday 11 November | 7-9PM
West End Espresso
$60pp |
Come and create the cutest cup of tea you ever did see! I will teach you how to arrange pretty blooms into a teacup of your choice.
Please bring your own teacup, all other materials including flowers supplied.

Friday 25 November | 7-9PM
West End Espresso
Love to host dinner parties and want do something a little special for each guest? Come along and create a floral place setting. At this workshop you will create one place setting as well as taking home a bag of supplies for you to re-create them when you have your next dinner party planned. 
All flowers & materials supplied.

Thursday 01 December | 7-9PM
West End Espresso
It’s Christmas time! This workshop will see us create a number of small hanging wreaths. (Sorry, no huge front door wreaths!) There will be a number of different materials for you to use to create up to 3 unique decorative wreaths.
All flowers & materials supplied.

Thursday 08 December | 7-9PM
West End Espresso
We have some of the most beautiful flowers right here in our Australian backyards! So this workshop is inspired by them. We will be creating a stunning table centerpiece by using the flowers seen in most backyards, so it will be easy for you to recreate these arrangements again and again! 
All flowers & materials supplied.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


The 1st of October marked our 12 year wedding anniversary & so we celebrated!
We really are non-traditionalists when it comes to, well, pretty much anything! We don't have a favourite place we go back to year after year for our anniversary as our curiosity of something new always seems to win out! What's your preference?! Same same or different? 
This year, having only been back in the country for two months, there are countless new places (or at least new to us) locally & at a distance that we want to try.
So we settled on a quick trip into the city for a progressive meal at three different places, eager to be at the mercy of the servers suggestions & try their signature dishes!

First off was cocktails and appies at Lil'Darlin, located in Darlinghurst. As we settled in on our stools at a high table, it looked like we had crashed three different bachelorette parties! Our wonderful host Fletcher seemed relived to be able to escape to our table as often as he could & you know us, we love to connect!
Cocktails & duck are what this place is know for and they certainly did not disappoint.
With cocktail names as fun sounding as “Fairy Floss Martini and Hundreds & Thousands, it was hard to pick but as soon as my eyes saw “Cucumber Sour” I stopped reading. This gal loves her cucumber and gin! I’ll definitely be back to try a few more …
We could see from the menu that duck was a signature dish, so that’s what we had!
We devoured the duck spring rolls, the arancini balls & a peking duck filled pastry.
If we were staying for a full meal, we would have loved to try the Duck Pancakes and the Crispy Peking Duck Pizza!
We fare-welled & thanked Fletcher and left him to handle the growing number of women in the bar!

Lucky for us our next location was literally across the road & we already had our names on the wait list. So we toodled over and walked straight on in to the Buffalo Dining Club
This is somewhere I had recently been with my besties and I couldn’t wait to take Samuel back there … mostly because of the corn and incredible pasta dish!
We already knew what we wanted here and so with a quick glance at the menu and a chat with our server, the wine was ordered and not long after, so was the food.
Here we enjoyed a Caprino cheese, pecorino crusted eggplant and charred corn with chilli coriander to die for!
This was followed by more wine and a pasta dish that is served to you straight out of the cheese wheel … Cacio e Pepe, salt, pepper, olive oil and parsley in a pecorino cheese wheel is a must!

We had one last place to explore and that was Ms G’s, a short walk down the street … and a LONG wait when we got there! Because we only wanted dessert we decided to try our luck a finding a spot upstairs at the bar. We invited ourselves to join another couple on their table for four and ordered the “Tropical Passion” – Passionfuit custard, tropical fruits, chocolate coconut soil, pandan meringue & coconut sorbet. This finished our night off deliciously as we looked around at the bar scene we were in and laughed as we realized how old we really are …
The “Stoners Delight” also sounded scrumptious but we just didn’t have the room in our belly’s for that! Next time!

We walked back to the train with full belly’s and happy hearts as we reflected on the year that we have had. The highs, the lows, the laughter and above all love.

To celebrate does not have to be expensive, it simply has to be intentional.
Do you take time to celebrate? I sure hope you do!

S. xx

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Ruined for the Ordinary

This week marks the change of seasons here in Australia, from winter to spring, so are the seasons changing within our life and family.

There are days in life that are marked with divine moments. A dear friend of mine describes these as “time stamps” A term we have adopted and use often.
In the time we have been back in Australia, we have had a couple of these time stamps. Moments worth documenting and remembering … A coffee date with my mum turned into a sneaky look in a beautiful gift store, an off-handed comment of a great cafĂ© caused us to do a quick coffee stop on the way home, where I instantly felt a sense of calm, so much so that I sent Samuel straight there, to which turned into a job for him in a matter of days … a divine time stamp.

So, as Samuel heads back to work this week after almost a year, I thought I would pay tribute to this time with a post on being ruined for the ordinary & choosing to live different.

One of the best decisions Samuel and I have ever made was to both take significant time off when our son Ezekiel was born.  
What started out as two months off for Samuel evolved into ten and a half months!
It may actually be the best decision we have ever made!

During my pregnancy I was self-employed and so it made more sense and financially a better decision for Samuel to take paternity leave.
We had always joked about how much Samuel wanted to be a stay-at-home dad, little did we realise we could actually CHOOSE to make it happen.
During this time we heard a lot of comments of “ Oh, how nice, what a luxury, I wish we could do that.” Believe me, it wasn’t a luxury, it was a choice, with a cost.
Now I realise this is not an option for a lot of people especially those living in countries that barely offer enough maternity leave, let alone paternity leave. 
Fact is, it was a decision and a choice that we made, together, as a couple, for our family. It has been one of the most incredible seasons of our life, but like each decision you make, it came with a cost. 
It cost us financially, we had to make many sacrifices. It caused us to look at our priorities, cut out a lot of excess “stuff” and simplify our lives even more. Oh! But it was worth it! 
Being able to spend all day everyday together watching our son grow and change before our very eyes does not come close to anything that money can buy. Intentionally choosing to slow life down + take one simple day at a time + savour  the moment by moments. 
Watching my husband bond with Ezekiel in those small precious everyday moments is something I will never forget or take for granted.

We have made life #threegether a priority despite the norms of society telling us it shouldn’t look like this. We choose daily to live different!

"Then I believe there comes a moment for each of us when we are to make the decision to either stick by these comforts and conform to to society's way of living, or to live more simply, in the unknown, embracing uncertainty." - Paige Maddison

S. xx

Monday, August 8, 2016

TRANSITION EXPOSED :: PART I :: Our Experience of Transition + Change

TRANSITION EXPOSED :: PART I :: Our Experience of Transition + Change.

I have wanted to journal our experience of transition from our time in Calgary, Canada to moving back to our homeland of Australia … turns out I have a lot of thoughts + little patience for writing them all down … But last week, in our “deep breath in” moment in Hawaii, suspended between what was to what is about to be, I attempted to use the time to stop, be, breathe, think + write. Here goes ...

I am convinced that your truest friends turn up in two key life moments – 
1] When you need practical help moving house and 2] In seasons of transition.
Both of these give very little reward, if any, to the outside party and only a few tend to actually turn up + stick around.
Lets face it, moving house is hard work and the token pizza + beer isn’t the greatest incentive or motivation … So when people have actually turned up to help us move house (and we have moved A LOT!) we know they genuinely care about us enough to lay aside their own agendas + all the greater things they could be doing to simply lend a brother a helping hand with no expectation for anything in return. They give more + expect less.

Transition is the other life moment that reveals those whose relationship is authentic and ready to stick by you in the tough moments.
Transition is a hard place to be when you are going through it, you are neither her nor there, a moment in time when you are in one place or experience, preparing for another. Actually, we spend most of our lives moving through moments of transition, and yet in our experience it can still be some of the most challenging seasons we have walked through.
The people who lean into these moments with you are extremely rare; unique treasures worth holding onto.

This has been our experience in our move from Calgary back to Australia …
We decided in January that our Canadian season was coming to an end. It was a lengthy decision process, one that required a lot of thought, prayer + talks with a trusted few that could look at the situation objectively. (These people are also a rare breed, people that will set aside their own agenda to help you through!)
This season of major transition has been tough to say the least. There were some extremely lonely moments, paralleled with the most unexpected blossoming friendships.
Not everyone will ride the roller coaster with you. Part II :: Learning to Let Go; is on it's way. 

Life is an ebb and flow of transitioning from one moment to another, a different season to the next. Trapezeing transition and seeking out beauty + joy in the midst of heartache + change.

S. xx

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Speak Life!

I just picked up my phone to respond to a message from a friend & I found myself having a quick scroll through Facebook (as you do.)
I came across an article that made me want to throw my phone across the room! Instead I started writing on something that has stirred within me for quite some time, so here it is.

Stop complaining, stop comparing, stop being negative, stop pulling others down, stop wishing for more stuff or less or different and STOP PUBLICLY SPEAKING NEGATIVELY ABOUT YOUR SPOUSE & CHILDREN!

If there is one thing that gets me worked up, it is people complaining about their spouse + or + children on social media. So often I will read negative comments somebody has written  Samuel will simply reply “Just unfriend them, you don't need people like that in your life!”

I get it, life can be tough, having kids is a big change + there are always challenges with change. No matter what the change is. But you don’t have to plaster your frustrations at your kids on Facebook. Don't forget it is a public forum, one that your kids will be able to look back on in years to come.
Your words hold power, choose them wisely. They have the power to build up + bring life and they also have the power to shut down + wound deeply. 

If it has been “one of those days” or you are struggling in a season, pick up your phone + CALL a friend, your mum, your sister, your bestie, a counselor, someone who you trust to give you a little perspective + a calming response. But, please stop putting it on Facebook. Its damn ugly! You are doing damage to your relationships, most of all your relationships with those you dearly love.

We each have the ability to choose to live different.
Stereotypes exist because we choose to believe them. What if, just what if we chose to break them instead?
I have often said to people “if you throw a stereotype at me, watch me try my best to break it! (I have never been one to colour inside the lines or stay within the boundaries anyway …)

Did you know you can actually be transformed …[to undergo a change in form, appearance, or character; become transformed] by the renewing …[to revive, to make new or as if new again.] of your mind.
You can choose! But its a daily choice, minute by minute, hour by hour.
As Dr Caroline Leaf puts it “You may not always be able to control your circumstances but you can always choose how you respond to them [your circumstances.]”
This makes life so exciting, each new morning you wake up, you have the ability to choose life!

You can choose to be trapped by your circumstances or you can choose to triumph over them. 
You’ve got the power! (This line must be sung!)
Our minds are incredibly powerful + more intricate that we can fully comprehend. Just another one of Gods magnificent mysteries.

I know some of you are reading this with steam coming out your ears, muttering, “Sarah, you have no idea. Or just you wait until you have a toddler, a teenager, a grown adult child …” The list of “just you wait” is never ending that is why we need to choose every day to live in each moment, the good, the bad, the ugly. Choose to rejoice in the good, to learn in the bad + grow in the ugly.

I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, so I know life is challenging + tough. I have been hurt, stretched, broken hearted, excluded, frustrated, tired, ignored, overwhelmed, overlooked, but still I do my best to choose to uplift those around me, most of all my husband and my son.

Yes be real, yes be authentic, don’t pretend life is easy when its not, no, perfection is not the goal. And yes, reach out for help when you need it but ask your real friends face to face not a public forum simply because its easy + convenient. Before you type, think "If this person was standing in front of me, would I speak these words?"

"How you speak about others, speaks loudest about yourself." – Bear Grylls

Speak life!

S. xx

Friday, January 22, 2016

Get Fresh!

We are already most of the way through January and I still haven't written my end of year "reflections" post or a new year's "resolutions" post ... And it's not because I have been too busy or because I haven't wanted to, I just haven't felt inspired. So without any further procrastinating, here it is ... my first post of 2016! Get Fresh! 

The beginning of a new year always sparks an opportunity to start again, reassess, a chance to get fresh! 
Each year my husby, Samuel and I go away for the night to spend time dreaming, planning, speaking and writing fresh ideas, goals & adventures for the year ahead. It is also exciting to read over the previous years notes and see what we achieved. 
There is usually one or two words that lead us into the coming year. Last year was "Miracles" and little did we know when we wrote that word down, 2015 would be the year miracles took over our lives. We literally needed miracles in order to survive! We began to experience so many miracles, both big and small that we had to start writing them down. I truly believe there is power in writing things down and speaking them out! 

This year's word is "Freshness" - New horizons, new adventures, new ground ... This is exciting! Something "new" is happening this year and the most scary & exciting part is we still have no idea what it is?!
Being new parents (& truly LOVING it!) there are new discoveries everyday. We are wading through uncharted waters. Who knows what else is yet to come for our little family of 3gether this year?!

Here are some of the things we ask ourselves as we enter a new year or even a new season ... 
~ 5 things we want to see happen this year
~ What can I START? What can I STOP? What can I CONTINUE?
~ Am I OPEN? Am I PRESENT? Am I doing what matters? 
~ What are my Goals Dreams & Desires for this year? 

So whatever this year holds for you, whatever seasons you face, whether you walk, run, fly, wade, jump, crawl or dance, make sure you go THROUGH it. For going through something makes you better, stronger, wiser. Step into it! Avoiding, dodging or fleeing will only cause the lesson or experience to come around again & again, until you learn to lean in, embrace it, even fail, all to make you rise stronger & better. 

Fill your year with wild abandon, adventure, fun & a little bit of crazy! Get Fresh!

(Yes, these pictures are me in short sleeves in below freezing temperatures and yes, those chains were beyond cold!! But the smiles are real ... my little bit of crazy, already!)    

S. xx

iPhone photography :: Samuel Tolhurst @instasam_iam
Location :: Calgary, Canada
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