Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Team Tolhurst Christmas Traditions :: Part I

25 Days of Team Tolhurst Christmas Traditions

Well, its that time of year where celebrations and sparkles reign.
Where lights twinkle + sugar is sprinkled,
Traditions are created & saved.
It’s Christmas Time!

For the next 25 days on instagram I am going to be sharing pictures of our personal family traditions or new traditions I would like to adopt.
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 Just in case you need inspiration for creating some of your own, here are the first 12 of our 25 Team Tolhurst Traditions.

1 :: Decorate the Christmas Tree
Growing up the 1st of December was the traditional day of decorating the Christmas Tree. This is a tradition Samuel and I have continued in our married life. I must admit, I do set up a few other Christmas decorations in anticipation to this day!

2 :: Create Your Own Advent Calendar
It’s never too late to start your advent calendar! This year we have added “Random Acts of Kindness to each day of our calendar. Inside each bag is an ornament to hang, a candy to eat + an act to do.

3 :: Buy a New Christmas Ornament
My mum has bought each of her 6 children a new ornament every year of our lives! And now our spouses and children too. My husband and I have also adopted this tradition & we are so excited to buy our son his first ornament by local designer @milkandhoney.yyc
No themed tree for us, but an eclectic messy work of art!
4 :: Christmas Décor
Get creative with your décor. Simplify it & look for new ways to use what you have.
I love filling up glass vases with coloured ball ornaments.

5 :: Create a Christmas Music Playlist
Or just let do it for you! I don’t ever tire of Christmas music, the new, the old, all day, every day!

6 :: Christmas Baking
Now this is a tradition I would like to adopt. I sometimes occasionally bake. But this year we have promised friends we will bake with them while watching a Christmas movie, so I am accountable now!

7 :: Create + Enjoy Christmas Drinks
Most evenings between now and Christmas are filled with family and friends celebrating, watching Christmas movies and wrapping gifts, so why not cheers with creative + festive drinks?! Here is a list of our favourites -
Bailey’s in coffee, Mimosa’s, kahlua in hot choc + mulled wine! 

8 :: Create a Christmas Card
Creating + writing Christmas cards as a kid was one of my favourite holiday things to do but these days I am usually pretty terrible at writing them. Now I love to pick a fun picture of us from the year and turn it into our Christmas card! I simply edit the picture at home and print it them out at Walmart.

9 :: Host a Christmas Party
Sometimes there are just too many people we want to give a gift to and so years ago we came up with the tradition of hosting a Christmas Party in lieu of gifts. We invite our dearest fun friends and enjoy either an evening of appies and wine or a morning of brunch and mimosa’s!

10 :: Build a Gingerbread House
Truth be told, I don’t actually like eating ginger bread houses … But there is something fun about gathering some of your besties & sweet treats and letting their creative juices fly!

11 :: Make a Hamper for Someone in Need
Each Christmas Samuel + I will try to make a hamper for a family in need. If we can, we like to include others in this random act of kindness & go shopping as a group. We set a budget & make a game of it to see how close we can stick to the budget.

12 :: Doing Gifts verses Material Gifts
My husband Samuel is a minimalist to the max! He does not like stuff, so material gifts are hard to buy for him. So when we got married (11 years ago) we started the tradition of buying “doing gifts” or an activity. One of us will buy the doing gift for us both to do & the other one will buy a few material gifts. We alternate each year who gets what!

Well, there you have it! The first 12 Team Tolhurst Traditions! Stay tuned for the next 12 and don’t forget to follow along on instagram | @sassianne & @instasam_iam

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  1. I feel cozier just thinking about this list! Great post again Sarah :).