Monday, November 30, 2015

'Tis the Season

Tis the Season …

Back when one of my closest friends and I were a little younger and not nearly as wise, we used to truly dislike the phrase “Don’t worry, this is just a season you are going through!” Why did it seem like we were always going through some kind of  “season?”
As we grew older and slightly more wise, we realized that this is exactly what life is all about, a never-ending series of seasons!

Just like the Earth goes through Summer, Autumn (Fall), Winter + Spring, we as humans also go through seasons. Sometimes our seasons are blissful and carefree, while others are painful + more difficult, and these are the ones that stretch us, mold us + make us. 

This year has been a season of stretching, learning + growing for Samuel + I. We have been striped back. Earlier in the year I made the decision to leave my full time role and follow some creative dreams + become self-employed. This in itself has had layers of learning.
We have been learning the art of being still, being content + patient in the waiting. Through heartache, patience & forgiveness we have had to fight for some of our closest relationships, while others have deepened with the blink of an eye + some that have simply faded away.
All of these things, I think we will continue to learn more of for the rest of our lives.

Samuel & I love to travel, adventure and explore but this year we haven’t been able to do nearly as much travel as we would like. This makes us feel stuck, trapped and a little bit antsy. Especially when you watch others flying in + out, camping and taking weekend trips to the mountains. Let’s be honest, sometimes it is hard to take a step back and be content with where you are and what you have. But this is the lesson we spent most of Summer learning. Being thankful in every season + situation we found ourselves in.

And then along came Ezekiel … our peaceful little son, born on none other than Canadian Thanksgiving! A coincidence, I think not! A constant reminder to be thankful, always, no matter what.
As we entered this very new season and uncharted waters (for us,) Samuel has chosen to take extended paternity leave, so he can be present in these precious new days. This is a narrow road, one far less taken.
Comments of “oh you’re so lucky to have him at home with you.” or “That is such a luxury, I wish we could do that.” began streaming in.
Luck & luxury have nothing to do with it. It is simply a CHOICE that we made. And a choice that comes with significant financial sacrifices. The age old battle of time verses money… But this time is priceless and can never be bought!

Less is more and we are rich indeed. Riches are not the $$$ in your bank account but really are in the relationships you share, the experiences you have + the memories you make.
Our family motto sums  it up -

S. xx

iPhone photography :: Samuel Tolhurst @instasam_iam
Location :: West Hillhurst, Calgary, Canada
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  1. You are so wise, my beautiful friend! I love reading your posts :). xo