Monday, September 7, 2015

Sweet Sensations | Fairy Floss Locks

Fairy Floss, the Aussie term for Cotton Candy … And that’s exactly what my new hair makes me think of, fluffy fun and a love for sugar!

Calgary is full of hidden gems + highly creative people. I am so honoured when I get to meet and mingle with some of its finest.
Enter Dawn, from Dawn Bradley Hair who I met through a mutual friend a number of years ago … Dawn is an incredibly creative woman who runs her own Hair Studio here in the city … (with an exciting new location coming soon!! Stay tuned!)

As soon as I arrived at her studio, I knew I was in for a treat. Dawn has made her space her own + only great things can come out of a place where creative juices are free to flow.
The sign " Do what you LOVE what you do" that hangs right by the mirror, is just one more confirmation that this woman is passionate about what she does and creates. 

I love colour + I love adventure, so I blended the two and let Dawn go to town on my do! And I was not disappointed!
Having had the purple/blue rinse look for quite some time now, I thought why not try pink?! I remember wanting to try the pink about four years ago + am only just getting around to it now! Better late than never …

I love that adventure and experimentation awaits me at each hair appointment I make. I love always having hair stylists that just love to play! And Dawn is no exception …
I get giddy with excitement when I know I am headed to a hair appointment, who knows what will happen sometimes!

Check out Dawn’s other incredible works + do’s on her Instagram and to book an appointment with her be sure to go to her website

I know we aren’t all as relaxed with who touches our hair + what they do with it but today, I dare you to try something new, you never know you just might be liberated in a whole new way!

S. xx

P.S. I did a tiny little freak out when Dawn brought out the mixed colour, so I had to share the pic! X 

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  1. I love how much fun you have with your hair! Makes me wish I were a bit more daring...