Friday, August 7, 2015

Reflections :: Life of Busy

Take "busy" out of your vocabulary & eliminate busyness from your life ... for we are what we speak. This is my goal!

I have lived busy for most of my life. I was a busy baby, (walking at 9months!) an even busier child and busyness has continued to surround my life into adulthood.  

I love being busy, just ask those closest to me ... But over the past 3 or so years and even more this year, I have begun to question my busyness. For what reason am I so busy? Is my value and identity wrapped up in how busy I am & how much I can do?  

We live in a society, a time & a culture that glorifies busyness. It is an excuse, a reason, and a way of life for most people. Whether we are aware of it or not we can look to find our value and identity in being busy. Listen to people's first response when you ask them how they are ... It is usually answered with a "Oh, I'm so busy ..." 
Samuel & I recently experimented with this in a large group of friends. EVERY person said "busy" in their response to questions of "How are you? How was your week? How is your Summer?"  

At what point did our lives become validated by how "busy" we are?  
I am very aware that we will all have seasons of busyness but when it becomes an automatic response or excuse for everything, it starts getting a little old ...  

When we become too busy for people, life is too busy and we need to look at making some lifestyle changes.  
I recently resigned from my full time job & a major reason was because I realised I was too busy for people and this broke my heart. Others, is what my life is all about and I had begun to neglect them. My question was "for what?"  
I made a choice that cost me dearly in relationships and financial security but in return, that decision has given me great joy and time for others. As well as time for the unexpected.   

Busyness, like anything is a choice. Choice is a gift, we can all choose to respond to life & circumstances in any way we wish, what's your choice?  
I honestly don't think that when we get to heaven God will say "Well done, you were so busy" No, He will say "Well done" ONLY if we are faithful with WHO created us to BE and if in that we were faithful with what he gave us to DO. 

All too often these days I am hearing stories of how people have gone through moving house, having operations & even having babies without any help or care from the communities that surround them. All because people are too busy and we assume someone else with help them. And we all know what happens when we assume ...  
To assume is to "suppose to be the case, without proof."  
If you can assume, you can ask. 
Get the proof, don't just make something up in your head. 

We are called to DEMONSTRATE LOVE, not simply say love, think love or text love but to actually turn up and show love to those around us.  

Although we are constantly "connected" through the devices that never seem to leave our hands, we are living in very isolating & self centred times.  
We have lost the art of creating time margins in our lives. Just like we need to have financial margins in our budgets for emergencies, effective time management will allow you to create time margins in your life. Try not booking up every second of every day and realise the freedom this can bring as well as being even more effective in what you do. Watch it allow you to meet new people, connect on a deeper level and eliminate feeling rushed. 
Now, in all of this, I am not saying we should live lazy lifestyles but are we using and hiding behind "busy" as an excuse too much of the time?  

Just as much as we have been designed to DO, in fact even more, we have been created to BE. When was the last time you truly rested? When was the last time you committed to something straight away without waiting for a better option? When was the last time you spontaneously did anything? When have you set aside your busyness & sacrificed something just to show someone else you cared?  

I am a pro at being busy for busy sake but due to unforeseen circumstances this year and of late, having had emergency surgery, I have been forced to let go, embrace rest and be on the other side of busy. It has finally caught up with me and I am listening. 

If you have ever felt I was too busy for you, or I didn't show up when you thought I might, I am truly, sincerely sorry ...  

We are what we think & what we think becomes what we say & do. Busy is a word I am trying to delete from my vocabulary and in turn, eliminating the unnecessary busyness from my life ... 

S. xx

Top & bottom images by Annie Groves ::
Location :: Lanikai, Hawaii

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  1. You are so wise, Sarah! I love reading your posts that explore self-reflection. Thank you for this gentle reminder to slow down :).