Tuesday, August 25, 2015

BEACH | Calgary's Beauty Spot

Of everything Australia has to offer, it's the beaches we miss the most, (besides our family & friends of course!)
So we soak up any taste of the ocean we can get ... Introducing BEACH! A healthy beauty bar & Calgary's newest beauty spot.
Officially into its second week, this beach is somewhere you will want to make your regular watering hole. There’s even real sand you can sink your toes into (obviously, before your pedicure treatment) !!

Not only is the atmosphere calming & relaxed just like that of the beach, the staff are beautiful, knowledgeable & personable. The prettiest details have been thought of and really make this place its own. Anyone that creates excellence in atmosphere is a winner in my books!

The product used is toxic free, cruelty free & organic. Being pregnant this has become even more important to me of late. 
I am more than ever aware of my body, and the little life inside of it. Knowing I can be treated and our Sesame is safe allows me to really relax & enjoy the pampering, worry (& toxins) free.
The gel polishes used are Bio Seaweed Gel and for a normal application the cheeky fun brand Trust Fund Beauty is used! I am in love with the one I picked out “Put A Ring On It!”

Alongside your manicure & pedicure, you can enjoy a complimentary elegant glass of champagne … I will be back in a few months to indulge in this treat. But for now I have tasted their iced tea delights with great appreciation!

As well as a mani/pedi, the BEACH beauties also offer make up & hair styling sessions, all at comparable prices! 

Every day is a fun day at BEACH with their themed weekdays …
Mondays are Mom Days – Tuesdays are Industry Days, Wednesdays are Dude Days & Thursdays are Student Days. And Private parties for you & your gal pals is also a must!

So be sure to grab your bestie & visit this fresh, life giving atmosphere! I'll probably see you there! 

S. xx




  1. I agree, the decor is amazing! I'll have to stop by again soon :).

  2. By far the best dentist I've been too. All the staff is beyond helpful and friendly, they make you feel like extended family.Brentwood Village Dentist

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