Saturday, April 25, 2015

Breathing Room | Show Yourself Some Kindness

What happens when you are the type of person that just keeps going, keeps pushing through, pressing on + all of a sudden you are just done? Not an ounce of breathing room is left … All you want to do is scream because there is nothing else left?

When you have nothing left, how do you encourage yourself to take that next breath? To breathe in deeply & exhale slowly? 

We live in a fast paced generation, lifestyle + world. We desire to put others first, care for others + encourage others. All of these being great + we should not stop doing them but what if we also did these things for ourselves?

So many of us are bullies, not to others but to ourselves.
This week I was enlightened to how deeply I love + care for others + yet constantly bully myself. We do this through punishing ourselves for disappointing others, by constantly telling ourselves we are not good enough & turning on ourselves.
Its not ok to bully anyone, this includes yourself!

Do you know how to be kind to yourself?
Do you know your critical line?

Leeana Tankersley is the author of the book “Breathing Room”
I recently saw her interviewed on a 3 part series on by Bob & Audrey Meisner

Leeana says this
“You cannot control everything in life but one thing you can control is how you treat yourself + that one thing can change everything”

She also says “ what happens in the name of unselfishness is very tragic. We either make poor decisions or we just lose ourselves.”

Selflessness can become destructive when we are no longer being true to ourselves.
Our poor decisions can become others collateral damage. And who we truly are becomes a lost + faded memory.

What would happen if we learnt to be a friend to ourselves? What if we decided to sit down with ourselves, (sounds weird, I know) but like we would a friend + speak kindness to ourselves?
You wouldn’t tell a friend harshly to suck it up, or invalidate their thought + feelings, or expect them to be more than human, so why do we say these things to ourselves? We are not being productive when we bully + turn on ourselves. We have to be on our own team! 

What are we giving if not our best, to ourselves + others? Our best is not perfection. Our best is our all in our state of humanness.

In all of this I am in no means promoting laziness or selfishness but maybe today, you need to look at your self in the mirror + speak a little kindness to your self …

Throw kindness around like confetti … + make sure some sparkles fall on you too!

S. xx

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Dream Again | Hawaii Whites

Sandy, salty, happy - the perfect combination! And the best way to describe our latest trip to Hawaii. 

We had been talking about getting away since Christmas + it just didn't look like it was going to happen. But then my wonderful husband jumped on a crazy good deal from Westjet (under $400 round trip) + booked us last minute tickets to Hawaii. Hoping there was nothing too pressing or important the following week ...

Spontaneous surprises are the best kind if you ask me, I could not have been happier! 
A week later we were off on the earliest flight out of YYC headed to sunny paradise. 
We realised we hadn't taken a holiday alone, with no agenda attached to it in 5 years, it was time! 

How delightful it was to bask in the warm sunshine, with no agenda and no one to please but each other. 
It was in this space that we dared ourselves, even allowed ourselves to dream. And oh boy, when we give ourselves permission, can we ever dream! 
All this got me thinking about my dreams that seem to have been pushed to the side with a thick layer of dust now covering them. Where have I lost hope + why have I allowed this to happen?

When you are constantly doing a good thing, not many people notice your exhaustion, let alone tell you to rest. Nor will they likely see you living a dreamless life ... Only the very close ones will notice enough to challenge you to rise above + chase your dreams again. 

I know this is completely obvious but I am realising no one will make my dreams happen if I don't. So I am on a journey to dream again. To sit, be still + wipe away the dust from the dreams I was created to pursue. I am learning to set aside the "should" to do list + once again pick up the dreams that make me come alive!

How do you dream? Are you chasing yours or will your comfort zone eventually become your frustration zone? 

Come dream again with me ...

"Why do we love the sea? It is because it has some potent power to make us think the things we like to think." Robert Henri 

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