Friday, March 6, 2015

A Look Into Me | Collaboration with Anneke Forbes

I have beautiful friends! They say the best way to have friends is simply be friendly, be likeable, be the type of person people want to hang around. This best describes my friend + fellow blogger Anneke ForbesAnneke has become a dear friend & guess where we met? Instagram! She was then friendly enough to come up to me at a fashion event and the rest is history. 
We recently had the opportunity to shoot + collaborate together and so I wanted to share the results with you all. 
She is an incredible photographer so be sure to follow her on instagram for snapshots full of life!

Anneke asked me a series of questions which I found thought-provoking. So I have decided to share them with you all, along with the snaps! You may find something new about me you didn't yet know?! Enjoy!

1 | What are the influences you believe have had the biggest impact on your personal style and its development?  
 My mom is a dress maker by trade + so for as long as I can remember I have been designing items for her to make. I have designed + she has made every grad + formal dress as well as my wedding dress. Both my parents have always encouraged me to embrace my uniqueness, dared me to be different + stand out from the crowd. I definitely think they have both played a huge part. And simply my love for clothes! I have worked in retail for over 16years, including visual merchandising + personal styling so these areas have all played a part in my development. I love to take risks + try new things! 

2 | In what ways do you express your style outside of fashion? 
I try to express my style in everything I do.
I love to create excellence in environments + spaces through atmosphere + decor. It's the highest compliment when people walk into an atmosphere + say "you can tell Sarah's been here."
My first ever job was in a florist + I loved it! I still do wedding + event flowers to this day. This is a very creative way to express my style + flare with items other than clothes. I love finding gifts, wrapping gifts + giving gifts! Every part is enjoyably creative for me.
Also, in the events I run, I love to think of all the tiny details that people love + appreciate. 

3 | You’re a very thoughtful blogger who promotes reflection and balance in your posts. How do you disconnect and keep the hyper-connected role of blogger in check? 
This is a tough one. I lack consistency + I often refer to myself as a "recovering perfectionist." Letting go of perfectionism in order to simply be present is easier said than done. This is a journey I have been on for a long time. Something that I am working on right now is giving myself permission to do things I love, instead of procrastinating by doing things simply because they seem more "responsible" or because I think I "should." 
So I need to get better at my self discipline + consistency. Believing that what I do is of value not only to myself but also to others. 
In this blogger saturated world, I think consistency + integrity are key. I'm not even sure if really answered your question?!  

4 | Describe your current favourite outfit in vivid detail.  
Oooh! I love this question. Funnily enough, it's this one you photographed! 
I call these my fancy sweatpants, they are just so comfortable but look polished. I love the sheerness of this simple off white blouse + the sassy sexiness of the bra peaking through! And these $14 target silver pumps are my favourite go to's.
My vintage earrings (that look like a modern day ear cuff) get compliments wherever I go! I adore them. Otherwise, I am happiest in dresses. Simple summery ones at that! I am dreaming of my light breezy maxi dresses right now ... & the beaches of Hawaii!

5 | Any unique fashion philosophies to impart? Tips for looking as spot on as you always seem to? 
Aww, you are too kind! I honestly have a real desire for women to see & embrace their true beauty. In every size, shape & colour. We have all been uniquely designed and created, embrace your beautiful you! 
Wear confidence, be creative, & don't be afraid to break the rules! X 

Photography | Anneke Forbes 
Location | Ette
Style details | Blouse by Target | Bra by Oroton | Pants by Bamboo Ballroom | Pumps by Target | Earrings + clutch are vintage from Nanton, AB | Watch by Michael Kors


  1. beauty! you're so light filled! xo

    1. Steph! Thank you so much! Loving our coffee dates. X

  2. You are absolutely vibrant! I love that you two collaborated on this. Good job ladies ;) xx

    1. Thank you so much Brittany. It was so fun + Anneke is amazing at what she does. See you soon hopefully. X

  3. Love this Sarah! Was so easy to shoot you; your such a beauty! Thanks for the smiles and I hope to see you again soon! xo

    1. I just love love love woking with you. You are a brilliant beauty! X