Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pursuit of Perfection

I often refer to myself as a "recovering perfectionist." I have always had the desire to "get it right" & let me quietly admit, "be the best!" I often spend way too much time wanting things to be perfect that i miss the moments. I procrastinate because small details aren't exactly as i would like. But, perfection is not real life & we are deceived if we think we can reach it this side of heaven.

Why am i talking about perfection under a fashion blog, you might ask?
Well, truth be told, i wasn't going to post these pictures because they aren't as good or as perfect as i want them to be. I challenged myself to post them anyway ...
I often hesitate blogging because its not "picture perfect." I don't have a professional camera, my pictures aren't nearly as good as other bloggers, i haven't learnt how to edit properly ... all the excuses add up and can be paralysing. I end up doing nothing (even though my husband & i stood out in -27 degree weather to capture these shots!) If we sit around waiting for "perfect conditions," we can end up doing just that, sitting around!

Embracing my imperfect self has been a long continuous journey. Those that know me best have seen it all! And it has been through their challenging that i have learnt (am still learning) to drop the pride of perfection and realise to be present is more important than perfection.
Learn to be ok with being YOU! Beautiful, imperfect, YOU! Don't be a copy of someone else & learn to celebrate others even when they succeed! This is a tough one for us perfectionist women, but be the one to build up, encourage & congratulate. Don't be the b**** who tears others down.

Doing something is worth everything because doing nothing isn't worth a thing.

In all of this, I am by no means saying be lazy or lack excellence in what you do, i am actually trying to teach myself that my level of excellence doesn't have to revolve around perfection. Let it be excellence that drives us to learn more, experience something new or be inspired. We were born to be real, not perfect!

So enjoy these perfectly imperfect images while I'm on pursuit to paralyse perfection! Who's brave enough to come with me?!


p.s. while I am a child of the sunburnt country, there is something quite majestic about the snow and these mountains. Stillness & rest come a lot easier when you escape to this part of Canadian country.

Style details | Skirt by Nordstrom | Shirt by Target | thrifted sweater | Cape by | Booties by Guess | Sunnies by Mimco | Beanie/Toque by Indigo | Watch by Michael Kors | Accessories by assorted | Makeup by MAC |
Location | Canmore, Canada
iPhone Photography | by Samuel Tolhurst @instasam_iam


  1. Love this sentiment, Sarah! As a fellow self-sabotager, your comment that "being present is more important than being perfect" encourages me to consider what holds me back from sharing my creations with the world. Straight up, I'd say for me it's fear. Being creative is easy when I'm my only critic. Ha! I hope you do continue to share, because you've got to be the best dressed person I know and I love seeing what you're wearing and been up to! xo

    1. Oh my! How am I only seeing this comment now! You my dear friend are too kind. Your encouragement means the world to me. I love getting to know you even better. X

    2. Oh my! How am I only seeing this comment now! You my dear friend are too kind. Your encouragement means the world to me. I love getting to know you even better. X