Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Celebrate with Thankfulness

Cheers! Pop! Fizz! Clink! It's New Years Eve! It's time to put on the sparkles and celebrate! It's also that time of year that many people take moments to reflect on what has past and eagerly anticipate what is to come ... 

It's a band new year, a blank canvas, a clean slate, a new start ... What will you do with yours? 

A NYE tradition that my husband + i have been doing for years now is "a little jar of thankfulness"
Its a jar we fill the whole year through with thankful thoughts and moments. We then take time to sit down on NYE + read all the notes of thanksgiving we have written in the past year. They act as reminders to all that we have been through + everything we are thankful for. 
The good times out way the bad and to start a brand new year with a thankful heart is priceless. It sets you up for success in the year to come. This is a treasured tradition of ours. I dare you to try it! 

It is also the perfect NYE party favour or hostess gift if you are going out. I make sure i take a bunch for whoever we end up celebrating with!

As 2014 closes here are some thoughts to send you into 2015 ... 

a new years gift | 
Sometimes magical moments are captured, other times they are seen with the eye but remembered with the heart. 
As one year draws to a close and another begins, we find our selves sentimentally reflecting on what was + eagerly anticipating what is to come. 
We remember with pain those that we have lost, that saw their last year here on earth. 
We smile as we think of precious life just beginning, from the miracles of little ones. 
We laugh out loud with the loved ones that surround our lives daily. 
Though there be pain, we seek out the joy, through the disappointments we rise above, and with endurance + strength we move forward. 
From the intense highs to the painful lows, still your heart + let it respond with thanksgiving, clinging to a new hope, new faith + new love. 

Happy 2015, thank you for a wonder, beauty filled year! X

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cozy Christmas Sips

It's Christmas Eve, and it just might, possibly snow! So cue the music, roll out the wrapping paper & cozy up with your favourite festive sips!

I mentioned in my previous post, living on the other side of the world brings with it Christmas differences. Instead of seafood & Summer, its snowflakes and snuggles. All the Christmas songs now make sense and i now find myself dreaming of a white Christmas...

There are traditions and parties galore, and endless trips to the mall! But by now the work should be done, so pull out your favourite mug and fill it with one of our favourite drinks! (I am crushing on these copper mugs!)

And don't forget, if you're on the flip side of the sun, you can always have each of these on ice as you laze by the pool...

1 bottle of inexpensive red or white wine
1 litre of apple juice
2 tablespoons of mulling spices

Pour the liquids into a large pot, add the mulling spices secured in a teabag or tea strainer.
Put on low heat for 20mins. Make sure it does not boil. Take out spices after 30mins or to taste.
Pour and enjoy! 

Make coffee to personal liking, add Baileys & cheers! 
Also enjoyed with a few pieces of Peppermint Bark aka Christmas Crack ...

Create hot chocolate to taste, add mountains of mini marshmallows and a peppermint flavoured candy cane spoon! And M&M's for a little extra sugar rush ...

Cheers to Christmas Eve! 


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Time for Tights

'Tis the season! For Christmas and a New Year! Which means fancy dinners, fun parties and spontaneous celebrations! Time to kick up your heels & wear all your fun dresses in one week.

My sisters and i all share a fun little Christmas tradition of buying a new dress for Christmas day each year. Appropriately named our "Christmas day dresses" 
Now that i live in a climate that is slightly cooler ... ahem ... a good 30-40 degree difference to my home town of Sydney Australia, i have to get creative with my dresses and layers at this time of year. But not even snow will sway me from dressing up to celebrate! 

My favourite solution is to simply add a pair of tights to almost any party dress. This instantly multiplies your days of wearing all those Summer dresses you have long since packed away ...

Lily Sokolov is the owner and co-creator of Time for Tights. I was lucky enough to have coffee with this inspiring woman. Lily left her comfortable job to follow her passion of creating elegant, stylish and quality tights. At this she has succeeded! It is Lily that we have to thank for bringing a touch of european excellence for us to enjoy here in Calgary. Her business model is one of pure beauty. Encouraging women to embrace their own unique beauty, strength and happiness. 

So, whether you are looking longingly at your favourite summer dress wishing you could wear it NOW, or need a last minute Christmas gift for that hard to buy for pretty lady, toodle over to and pick up a pair ... or three! 

Look out for more posts on Lily and her beautiful tights on the blog in the new year. X

Style details | Dress by Urban Outfitters | Tights by Time for Tights | Shoes by Tristan Blair | Jewels by Colette By Colette Hayman
iPhone Photography by Samuel Tolhurst | @instasam_iam