Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Beauty in Stillness

Can you believe its almost March?! We are well and truly into 2014!
This new year has already presented me with challenges, heartache, growth and joy.

My priorities are being rearranged and challenged. I am learning more than ever before to throw my “to do” list (and by list I mean pages of lists!) out the window and cherish the moments that are presented to me daily. Especially the rare moments of rest and stillness. 

I am finally learning to rest well and seek out the beauty in stillness. Being content whether in plenty or in want. Choosing joy in the midst of heartache. Restoring strength in stillness. 

In society today we get bombarded with do more, be more, achieve more, get more, produce more etc. We have lost the art of resting well and amongst the busyness it almost impossible for us to be still. 
If God created the word in 6 days and set aside 1 day to rest why do we as humans think we don't need to stop, be still and rest? 

As silly as it sounds, I am yet to master the art of reading a magazine from beginning to end, and reading it in one sitting is a challenge in itself! 
However, each time I buy this beautiful magazine, “DARLING” its like each article was written just for me. I find myself relaxing, getting cozy, slowing my breathing & reading each word instead of skimming the pages. Selah!

Consciously choosing to stop and be still is much harder for me than continuing to move and do. Rest is not laziness, its a necessity in restoring strength to move forward in new seasons and challenges that life will always present us with. 

Do you take time to rest & be still? Maybe today is the day to start? 

Be still.

I know this post is very different from my previous ones but I wanted to be real and invite you into my reflections & encourage you to embrace your own moments of beautiful stillness.  

S. xx

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