Thursday, May 2, 2013

Crown of Pretties

Spring has sprung! … I think… 
(I am beginning to think Calgary's weather is a little to schizophrenic for this Australian...)

This past Saturday afternoon seemed like the perfect time to find my inner hippie and create some crowns of pretties. To be honest I’m not flower crowns biggest fan… I love them on others!
However, my favourite job was my four years spent in a flower shop and I love when I get the honor to do the flowers for a wedding. Playing with flowers takes me to a happy place and calms my busy mind. I can't help but Sm!Le as I play and create with such beauties of nature... wow the inner hippie is really coming out now! 

The sun was shining and it seemed like a fun idea to brush up on my floral design skills. I pushed aside my “to do” list, bought some fresh flowers and set up my workstation out in the back yard.

I picked & twisted and wired & tied... this was the end result... X

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